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          • Resources for workers during COVID-19

            Understand your rights, and get the information and supports you need.

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          • Unions issue urgent ll for paid and protected sick leave for all workers in BC

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          Latest News

          (Coast Salish Territory, Vancouver BC) — “You don’t leave your wounded soldiers on the battlefield,” BCFED president Laird Cronk said today, adding “Essential workers who become symptomatic with COVID-19 deserve WCB coverage.” The provincial government has designated a broad range...
          Tonight at 7 p.m., in communities all over our province, British Columbians will step out of their homes. For just a few minutes, we’ll bang pots and pans, sing and cheer in a show of support and respect for workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.
          Sussanne Skidmore, Secretary Treasurer of the BC Federation of Labour (BCFED) issued the following statement: “The current health crisis has revealed how undervalued certain critil work has been in our society. I want to start off by thanking the workers on the farms throughout BC for...

          The BCFED and you

          • BCFED Health and Safety Centre

            The OH&S Centre n help meet your occupational health and safety training needs.

            Prevention Through Edution
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          • Good jobs are Green jobs

            The labour movement is essential to making the transition to a sustainable green economy.

            That's why the BCFED has partnered with the environmental movement to create Green Jobs BC.
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